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Does anybody else think that the world might soon run out of awards to give to President Obama?

And he still hasn't achieved anything, let alone made peace between any parties.

George W. Bush was instrumental in setting up peace treaties in Liberia and Sudan (between the Arab government and the Christian south). But actual achievement is worth so little these days...

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on Oct 09, 2009


on Oct 09, 2009

I guess it's a prize for the "Worlds Community Organizer".


on Oct 09, 2009

I guess it's a prize for the "Worlds Community Organizer".

What the heck... I mean, honestly: what the heck...

First Carter, for the achievements of Sadat whose was murdered by Carter's friends.

Then Al Gore, for not doing ANYTHING to promote peace.

And now Obama, for achieving absolutely nothing (except make Iraq more violent again)?

What's wrong with the Scandinavians???


on Oct 09, 2009

Now he has even more in common with Carter...

on Oct 09, 2009

Now he has even more in common with Carter..

Obama got the award for no achievements at all. Carter got it for Sadat's achievements.

Carter is friends with the people who murdered Sadat.

Obama cannot reach that level.


on Oct 09, 2009

Oh well, now Time magazine will have to do another front page feature for the 99th time.

on Oct 09, 2009

We may as well accept that Obama is a God that has not had enough time (according to those who defend him) to accomplish anything but should be praised and rewarded for making seem as if he will.

Never in my 33 years of life have I ever seen any President praised like something almost miraculous while having accomplished nothing. To praise and reward a man for promises as oppose to accomplishments is amazing and sad. I can see why in my job all the "thank you so much for your help, you are wonderful" calls I get as a customer service rep for my company go unnoticed.

This goes to show how the International community does not like the fact that the US was, at one point, the most powerful country in the world (and could still be) so it makes sense for them to praise a Democrat President since Democrats are more concerned with making friends with the rest of the world and less with Capitalism.

on Oct 09, 2009

Umm, umm, umm Barak Hussein Obama - the new Norwegian National Anthem. Well at least they make no bones about their ideology! One must keep in mind the bigger the build up the bigger the let down. I'm sure some left of center will cry "hater". I liken it to a baseball player voted MVP before he has played a game. I do have to give props to Obama though, he sure has the world fooled. I guess they don't get SNL over there.

on Oct 09, 2009

Read some of the comments here, and then tell me how we are not in trouble.



on Oct 09, 2009

Republican: "Obama should have received the Nobel Price for physics!"

Democrat: "Why? He hasn't done anything in the field of physics."

Republican: "Interesting perspective."


on Oct 09, 2009

I don't know what you're talking about Obama not doing nothing worth achieving an award!  I am out raged :::::throws chair of death at Leauki::::::::

First, let's see here......um.....yeah he was the first african american president (well I'm not sure if I can say that because of the whole birth certificate fiasco), oh yeah that's an achievement (the whole birth certificate fiasco is an achievement as well). Considering every white person in the United States is racist. 

Second, well lettcy lettcy let's see here, he's totally United the United States from east to west.......Hollywood that is.  What an accomplishment and achievement that is.

Third, he has spent the most of any president in U.S history.  No other president before nor after him will ever be able to say that. Pin a medal on him for that.

Fourth, look at where the stock market is currently at, he's totally got us "out" of this recession single handedly.

Fifth, this goes along with the second, but you got to put space in between them because of the magnitude is too great for both.  He was the 1st, let me repeat that again, the 1st sitting president to go on Jay Leno.  If that's not an accomplishment then I don't know what is.  Come on........ Just reflect back with me to Jay looking into Obama's eyes just staring so whimiscally into Obama's eyes.

Sixth, he ran the MOST successful campaign of all time.  He raised so much money.  That is an achievement there.  Hmmmmm, where did all that extra money go, anywho?

Seventh, we here in the U.S. believe that everyone deserves an award. From that kid who constantly gets Fs all the time to that fat overweight ninnyhammer who broke down yet still became a marine to that sniper who is consistantly missing the mark to even the president. We need to stop having that competitive thought process.  Can't you see how Capitalism has failed.  Just look at where captialism has gotten us.  We'll give it an award though.  Even Mickie Moore can see this and agrees.

p.s. that's all I can say for there is nothing else to say

p.p.s. I like dave over jay any day of the week

p.p.p.s. just so there's no confusion that almost top 10 list is sacrastic.

p.p.p.p.s you get an award Leukster just because its obvious you're hurting inside due to the lack of awards you've gotten recently ;->

p.p.p.p.p.s what do people in the U.K./Ireland think of Obama? Are you guys still our poodle?  Obama did give your leaders such remarkable gifts that you guys best be!


on Oct 09, 2009

p.p.p.p.p.s what do people in the U.K./Ireland think of Obama? Are you guys still our poodle?  Obama did give your leaders such remarkable gifts that you guys best be!

People here just LOVE him.

So according to liberal logic we are no longer your poodle.


on Oct 09, 2009

My mouth fell open at the news this morning.  Can anyone tell me why he got this award?  Even the newspeople who announced it this morning seemed shocked.  I thought it was interesting because the front page of the paper this morning said it looks like Obama's peace proposals concerning the mideast are falling apart.  So what the heck?  Talk about a contradiction. 

I said last fall after he got elected that there's something odd about all this.  Something is behind the scenes making all this happen.  It's very bizzare even to him I believe.  The whole thing surrounding Obama has a very sinister feel to it. 

Even hardcore Democrats I know are wondering what's going on.  My grandmother (age 91) and mother are very liberal, both voted for him and both are regretting it.  My grandmother's wondering if he's not the Anti-Christ...and she's a very hardcore Democrat!!! 

on Oct 09, 2009

My mouth fell open at the news this morning.

Really? I wasn't surprised at all.

Nobody had praised Obama for almost two weeks. Something had to be done.

And if all his strategies turn out to be total failures, they will still celebrate him as the Messiah Who Brought Peace, no matter how many people die.

(Why on earth couldn't the left have decided that the Shah of Iran was the Messiah back in the 70s? The world would be a much better place now and we wouldn't even have most of the wars Obama has failed to end.)


on Oct 09, 2009

It's strange how he got this award yet could not get the Olympics. I always thought the Nobel Peace Prize was something a person had to work hard to get, soething that was not easy to have awarded to you. Something that when given it's because the person getting it did something so extraordinary that they would receive this award. Maybe someone from the Left can tell me what it was that Obama did that he deserved this award. Cause I just don't get it. At least Al Gore had a movie, a bad one, but a movie none the less.

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