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Does anybody else think that the world might soon run out of awards to give to President Obama?

And he still hasn't achieved anything, let alone made peace between any parties.

George W. Bush was instrumental in setting up peace treaties in Liberia and Sudan (between the Arab government and the Christian south). But actual achievement is worth so little these days...

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on Oct 12, 2009

I think it is a great thing to be an idealist - the world always needed people with vision. I wasn't criticising that you are an idealist, just that your idealism is misplaced in this particular instance. Socialism will never work because humans don't tick like that - and it only ever works on a national level if you apply force. Look what happened in the chinese cultural revolution, how many people were killed or sent into labour camps to "reform" them - all in the name of communism and a better word. All they ever did is to disown or kill those who made something of themselves and then proceed to ruin everything that works.

But social democracy and the social market economy do exist - move to Germany.. lol. We do need idealists

on Oct 13, 2009

the Oscars

I bet you ten dollars (to be collected if and when we ever meet) that Obama will win an Oscar (despite never having appeared in a movie)!


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