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Published on February 4, 2006 By Leauki In Current Events
One year ago the Queen of Denmark apparently nailed it:

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has called on the country "to show our opposition to Islam"


Of course, the telegraph puts its own spin on things, using words differently than I would:

"Her comments further undermined the image of Denmark as a liberal haven for those seeking a new life in northern Europe."

For example, I would say that a country in which religious fundamentalism (and that is what Islam has become these days, and what Queen Margrethe is talking about) is opposed IS a liberal haven. That's what liberalism is about.

And considering what the rest of the world is mostly like it would certainly constitute a liberal haven for those seeking a new life in Europe, because that is what a "new life" is, a life without Islam.

To be a flag sales man in Palestine, that would be good. How many Danish flags did they have in stock? And why can Muslims happily burn flags with Christian symbols while denouncing Muhammed cartoons as disrespectful. What's wrong with these people?

Some Muslims have said that the Danish cartoons are inappropriate because they associate Islam with bombs. I agree that it is wrong to associate Islam with bombs. But it is not the Danes who did that. It was the Iranians and Arab Palestinians who did it.

And here is what should happen now:

1. The next time an Arab news paper publishes an anti-Christian cartoon, Christian countries (and there are many in Europe) should withdraw their ambassadors. An apology should be demanded EVERY SINGLE TIME an Arab news paper published such a cartoon. (It happens every few days.)

2. There is a sura in the Qur'an that says that G-d gave the land of Israel to the Israelites and that they will return there before the day of judgment from many nations. Israel should put the quote on her flag, in Arabic.

3. The US government should thank the Saudi government for their support in the Iraq war and for bringing the world's attention to Saddam Hussein, also for their valuable information and offers of military assistance. That should get things going.

4. Muslims who protest on the streets in European cities, when announcing that they reject the rule of law in Europe or want to fight the EU or any if its member countries, should be expelled immediately. For each such expelled individual, an asylum seeker from Africa should be allowed in. There are enough of them waiting at the border between Morocco and Ceuta and Melilla. Both groups will be informed about the arrangement.

5. All the funding for Palestine should be cut and sent to sub-saharan Africa instead. It doesn't matter where. It will do more good there, where people are hungry and do not burn Danish flags or try to exterminate their neighbours.

6. Israel should finish the border fence and return all the occupied territories to Egypt and Jordan. Jordan doesn't deserve such a fate, I know, but I am sick and tired of hearing about a state named "Palestine" that Israel is allegedly occupying.

I would boycott Arab products, but the Arab countries are not producing anything of interest to anybody.

on Feb 04, 2006
"I would boycott Arab products, but the Arab countries are not producing anything of interest to anybody."

er... How about a little oil?

on Feb 05, 2006
I second all of that!
on Feb 05, 2006

How about a little oil?

I believe that was produced by prehistoric marine animals and vegetation. I don't think the Arabs had anything to do with its production.

Western inventors invented a way to make it useful.

Western engineers located it and found a way to extract it.

All the Arabs did in connection with it was sitting on it (by chance). I understand they occasionally nationalise the oil industry.
on Feb 06, 2006
Ancient life may have created it, and western technology may have utilized it, but the Arabs are producing it.  However it is not a uniquely arab product (Arab Oil looks just like North Sea oil by the time it hits the pumps).  And I cant think of anything uniquely Arabian that has a world market.
on Feb 06, 2006

Ancient life may have created it, and western technology may have utilized it, but the Arabs are producing it. 

They are not "producing" it in the same sense that the Danish produce LEGO and the Germans produce cars.

They are "producing" it because they happen to sit on it and have nationalised (in many cases) the equipment installed by western companies. They are not adding anything to the current world economy unless you count sitting on the oil as a value in itself. If the Arabs didn't sit on the oil, whatever would we do? Extract it without paying them? Why would we be worse off? What value are they adding?

Note that I'm not saying that Arabs can't be productive and create valuable stuff. But I am saying that they are not currently known for it.

on Feb 06, 2006
Well there's Persian carpets, dates, tourism and those extremely tacky canvases of Mecca with the light-up sections. Oh, and certain areas are exporting a great deal of knowledge about modern urban warfare. But realistically speaking, who needs heavy industry when you have oil? I'd rather be an oil baron than a manufacturing tycoon; you have a guaranteed market. Why should the Middle East produce anything else? There's not much in it for them to do so.
on Feb 06, 2006

I think the point is if you look at the history of the Middle East, its decline began when the strictest form of Islam gained popularity. At one time the Middle East was the height of human culture and science. So much of what we know and use has trickled down from Arab scholars.

But... like the worst of Christianity, the worst of Islam seems to stifle free thought, free expression, and limit the creativity and curiosity of its believers. Not all Islam, not by any means, but I think Islam took a "political" turn in the same way Christianity did in the Middle Ages, and was used not to lift people up, but to keep them down.

The key is for Muslims to look hard at those aspects of their religion that are used specifically to control and use them. Women especially. Perhaps they'll have their reformation eventually. I think it has already happened gradually in many areas, but it will be violent in the Middle East.
on Feb 06, 2006

But realistically speaking, who needs heavy industry when you have oil?

All the countries that produce goods and provide services are richer and more successful than the countries that rely on the selling of oil.

The US, Canada, Australia, the EU, and also Turkey are richer than the Arab countries, more influential, and more powerful in the economic and the military sense. The Arab world imports our culture, but has nothing to offer to us. There is nothing Arab that the west wants. But there is a lot of western stuff that the Arabs want. Do you think rich Saudi "princes" drive cars produced in Arabia? They drive European cars.

Why are there so many Muslims in Europe? It's because Arabs and other Muslims wanted to leave their homes and move to Europe. They want our way of life, they want to enjoy it like we do. But they can't create it for themselves. They cannot lift themselves up; but they can hope to take us down.