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Published on September 20, 2010 By Leauki In War on Terror

We will hear more from them:



on Sep 20, 2010

The man most prominently featured in the video is Bashir Gemayel, the late (1982) leader of the Christians in the Lebanese civil war. He was president-elect of Lebanon when he was murdered. At the time he had been working on a peace treaty with Israel.

As a Christian willing to make peace he is now often called a fascist by the western left.

Ironically Gemayel and the majority of the Lebanese Christians see themselves as national Lebanese or Phoenicians (Canaanites) rather than Aramaeans. What all Aramaeans as per the video have in common is their religion and to some extent their language (although Lebanese Christians speak Arabic).

Generally the Maronites (majority of Lebanese Christians and ethnic Phoenicians like most other Lebanese) are Catholics. The Arabic-speaking ethnic Greeks and Arabs are Eastern-Orthodox, the (actual) Aramaeans (who profess an Aramaean identity) are Oriental-Orthodox (like Armenians, Ethiopians and Egyptian Christians) and distinct from the Assyrians of Iraq (who have their own church) and the Catholic Chaldaeans of Iraq.

Lately they have been featured as one nation but historically they are three distinct nations (Phoenicians, Aramaeans, Assyrians) who spoke Neo-Aramaic for centuries after Phoenician and Assyrian went extinct. Today the differences between the three nations can still be seen in their different churches, culture and Aramaic dialects. (Also, the Lebanese speak Arabic and use Aramaic only in church services.)


on Sep 20, 2010

(Also, the Lebanese speak Arabic and use Aramaic only in church services.)

Similar to the Catholics and Latin.  Although I think the Vatican still uses latin as the official language.

Great video.

on Sep 20, 2010

The Maronites are in full communion with the Roman Church. But they use the eastern (Aramaic) rite, not the Latin rite.

As a people the Aramaeans are largely ignored by the world. There are certainly not many western protesters who worry about the fact that an entire culture is dying out.