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Published on February 8, 2010 By Leauki In International

Dos and Donts for the modern humanist:


I sometimes wonder why "peace activists" accept the Nazis as evil. After all, they demonized European Jews (who are not better than middle-eastern Jews), called for a boycott of their businesses, and tried to murder them (and succeeded). Those same acts today are considered "resistance" and the groups that pursue them are called "peace partners" and their demands are seen as justified.


on Feb 08, 2010

Also a good past-time for a humanist: Stopping Jews from building walls that protect them from terrorists.

It's much cheaper and safer than protecting Africans from being slaughtered in the Sudan and certainly beats protesting against Saddam for the right of Kurds not be gased. Worst thing that could happen is a night or two in an Israeli prison (which can be complained about for years afterwards).

Yes, stopping the Jews from building walls that protect them from the fate of other non-Arab peoples in the region is definitely a step towards a better world.

And the best thing is, if something happens to the humanist while he is in Israel, protesting its existence and relative security, Israel has some of the best hospitals in the world and is always willing to help.

Another tip: Fly in via Ben Gurion. It's more comfortable than Amman. It is one thing to protest against Israel, but it is quite another to live one's life without using what Israel has to offer.


on Feb 08, 2010

It reminds me of that same old soviet joke "We have freedom too!  We can stand in red suare and criticize your president!".  In other words, they are taking the cowards way out.  They know they can vilify Israel without fear of reprecussions.  They also know they cannot do that to the other side, so they do not dare.