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Will give up power in favour of Libyan natives?
Published on September 23, 2009 By Leauki In International

My favourite dictator, Mahmoud (or whatever his name is) Qadafi, has reminded the United Nations that African nations are still underrepresented at the UN and the worldatlarge.

I totally agree with him, as I often do.

Here are a few steps I can recommend for helping African nations:

1. Give up Arab rule over North-Africa/Tamazgha.

3. Give up Arab rule over Egypt.

3. Give up Arab rule over Sudan.

4. Give up Arab rule over Somalia.

There you are. A similar simple formula was once devised to get rid of British, French, and Spanish rule over African nations.



on Sep 23, 2009


on Sep 25, 2009

Qaddafi should get down on his knees, in his tent, and give thanks to Allah that more of his people don't own TV's and see what an imbecile they have for a leader.

on Sep 26, 2009

I'm actually taking a geography course about Sub Saharan Africa.  It's pretty interesting.


on Sep 26, 2009

...though to really help Africa there needs to be massive reforms in policies, infrastructure, technology, and a good bit of capital.  Some global recognition would probably help...but, no one really gives a damn about Africa.  You barely hear about it on the news except when bad things happen.


on Sep 27, 2009

You barely hear about it on the news except when bad things happen.

I sometimes wish that the Sudanese government were made up of Jews.
Can you imagine how quickly the world could have helped the Massalith and Fur (in Darfur) if the media, the "peace activists" and the UN had paid even a third of the attention they pay to Israel to the situation in Darfur?