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I already voted
Published on September 8, 2009 By Leauki In International

Take a look at the likely outcome according to current polls:


Black is a safe Christian Democrat win.

Red is a safe Social Democrat win.

Violet is a safe Socialist win.

Green is a safe Green win.

I already voted.

In my district, the last place I lived in before I moved to Dublin, there were two candidates with chances to win:

Klaus Uwe Benneter runs for for the Social Democrats and is famous for once having been thrown out of the party 30 years ago for being too left-wing.

The conservative candidate Karl-Georg Wellmann seemed more appropriate. He visited Sderoth in Israel as leader of a German delegation from my district (which is twinned with Sderoth) and was also present at the naming of "Sderoth-Platz" a street named after Sderoth in Berlin (linked article in German with one photo). Then I learned he is also a member of the board of the German-Polish society.

Anyway, it was clear to me whom I might want to vote for.

Now, take a look at the map linked to above.

Note that the south and south-west are almost uniformly conservative, except for the industrial cities around the Ruhr. Very few places outside those industrial cities are red. The east is more left-wing than the west, except for Saxony which is deep black. There is also an oddity in the north-east where party allegiance almost exactly follows the border between Prussian Pommerania and the state of Mecklenburg before 1936.

Berlin is very colourful, with Greens and Socialists winning seats. Friesland is red for some reason, as are the two free cities of Hamburg (currently governed by a conservative-free coalition) and Bremen.

But all-in-all it looks like a conservative victory is ahead.

Predictions (popular vote):

Christian Democrats: 36%

Liberal Democrats: 14%

Social Democrats: 22%

Greens: 12%

Socialists: 10%


on Sep 08, 2009