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Published on June 16, 2009 By Leauki In International

Don't underestimate Iran.

It is a common mistake Europeans and Americans make, assuming that only America and Europe are important. Quite in contrast Iran is the single most important individual country in the world.

I am not exaggerating.

All of world history can easily be described as the rest of the world trying to keep up, cope, or find favour with Iran. Iran's geographical location, religious importance to several faiths, its ancient history, its size, its relationship with other powers make Iran the most important country in the world.

It was the Iranian empire that brought us the concepf of human rights, the first attempt to abolish slavery, the first successful introduction of monotheism, even the creation of Hinduism was sparked by Iranians.

Hitler's Nazi ideology was based on the assumption that Germans descended from Iranians and are hence the "master race". It's nonsense and contradicts how Iran itself has always defined its existence, but that's how it went. That's what "Iran" means: "Land of the Aryans". But Iranian military power, culture, and history have nothing to do with race but with the rejection of racism. (Iran was also the first country to do away with the idea of different ethnicity making a difference in citizenship privileges.)

The big Christian empires of Spain and Portugal in the 1500s and later only existed because Islam, fired by Iranian culture and military science, moved the Christian world westwards.

I can think of only four superpowers that existed independently of Iranian influence. Those were Japan, China, the British Empire and the USA. (Although Britain might have fallen to the Nazis in World War II if it hadn't been for the Shah's help.)

China never did much outside China.

And it was the USA who failed to rescue Iran from falling into the hand of the Khomeini worshippers.

Since the world has failed to stop Hizbullah and other Khomeini terrorists, it will be up to the Iranians to do our job for us. But western media and the Obama administration still don't dare speak up against the religious fundamentalists who still control Iran and try to take over the entire middle east.

If the protesters succeed and this current situation ends in a revolution, the shockwaves will be felt all over the world.

Syria and Sudan will have lost their big brother. Lebanon will be free from Hizbullah, who without Iran's "spiritual guidance" (money) cannot survive. Israel will be free from the threat of Hizbullah and Hamas (who are also "spritually guided" by the current Iranian regime). The Arab countries won't have to worry about Iranian terrorism any more. And the west can go back to ignoring the middle east until another dictator rises, hopefully not in Iran.

Worldwide terror supporters know of Iran's importance. That's why Venezuela's thug-in-chief and that noted nutter from North-Korea wasted no time congratulating Ahmedinejad on his "election" victory.

It is the west, Europe, North-America, Australia, and New-Zealand, who have to understand that this is it.

This is not one of those middle-eastern countries with its many revolutions and who cares who runs it this week.

This is one of the world's great empires rising and falling and the single most important country in world history.

What Iran has given to the world can never be repayed. But we now have a chance to show that at least we know what we have lost in 1979 and what we can regain if the opposition wins.

I hope Obama will realise this soon. At the moment it looks like he is trying to ignore history that happens outside his influence.

The UK are too weak to do anything ever since Tony Blair is gone. Australia is very passive. Italy is too weak.

Maybe Russia will do something.

Please, somebody, help Iran!

I will try to find out how to give money to those Iranian students whose property was damaged by the friendly fundamentalist neighbourhood police.


on Jun 16, 2009


on Jun 17, 2009

It really has been in the center of everything, hasn't it?

on Jun 18, 2009

It really has been in the center of everything, hasn't it?


The western world didn't even manage to run World War 2 without involving Iran at the highest level.


on Jun 18, 2009

It's really a shame how the history taught to us in schools rarely deals with anything outside our own sphere of influence. My own knowledge of history was pretty much relegated to Canadian history, as well as wherever it intersected the history of others (as in the world wars, and even then I had no knowledge of Iranian involvement!). My first contact with history about more distant cultures didn't come until my second year, where I got into a history class that went over much of the early post-roman history for the Meso-Americans, Europe, China, Islam, Africa, and the Mongols... truly fascinating stuff.

I guess it really comes down to individual initiative, which is a shame... though I've no shortage of interest in history, I have trouble even identifying potential points of interest on my own.

on Jun 20, 2009

You'll have to excuse me if I am unimpressed with Iran.

While the geographic space of Iran once housed the Persian Empire, Iran has been relatively unimportant since the Mongols obliterated the Caliphate nearly a thousand years ago.

on Jun 21, 2009

While the geographic space of Iran once housed the Persian Empire, Iran has been relatively unimportant since the Mongols obliterated the Caliphate nearly a thousand years ago.

Iran was of grave importance in World War 2. And it's oil deliveries to Israel helped Israel survived. Iran was and remains deeply involved in a conflict that is regarded by many to be the single most important war in the world (for some reason).

Just imagine what would happen if Iran switched sides now in the war on terror. The change would be fantastic. No other country (except the US itself) could change history as much by changing sides now as Iran would.


on Jun 21, 2009

I think we have different ideas of what "grave importance" means.  Iran was not really relevant in WW2 one way or the other IMO.

on Jun 21, 2009

I think we have different ideas of what "grave importance" means.  Iran was not really relevant in WW2 one way or the other IMO.

Without the Persian Corridor, the west couldn't have sent supplies to Russia in World War 2.

And without those supplies, it is most likely that the Soviet Union would have fallen to the Nazis and/or "agreed" to a separate peace with Hitler. Also, without the pro-British Shah, the Nazis' alliance with Arab nationalists could easily have worked. While Nazi-allies Iraq had already fallen to British troops at the time, things could have got ugly without a stable allied presence in the region.

The great irony, if you will, is that the same Shah liberals condemn as a fascist was made to replace his father in 1942 by the British precisely because of his anti-fascist and pro-western views.


on Jun 22, 2009

Anyone doubting what Leauki is saying must ask themselves.  Why is Iran still like a third world country when it sits on a lake of oil?  Why is Iran desperately seeking out 'Nuclear Energy' when they have a WHOLE lake of energy readily accessible?

Maybe Russia will do something.

Leauki I wouldn't hold my breathe on Russia.  Medvedev promptly congratulated Ahmedinejad on his election while at the SCO conference.  LINK

Sadly, I'm seeing Russia helping Iran openly and secretly develop Nuclear technology.  Russia simply has too much invested in this regime to watch it fall.  I'm still not remotely convinced that Russia has given up it's goal to destroy Israel either.

on Jun 22, 2009


When I say that maybe Russia will do something, I didn't mean they would speak up. Russia are more likely to say one thing and do another than be direct about their actions. Medvedev congratulates everyone. That's what he does.

Russia has no interest in a nuclear Iran. Too much power lies with being a nuclear power while others are not.

Russia has no interest in destroying Israel either. Russia's interests lie in being needed. If Israel were destroyed, neither the Arabs nor Israel would need Russia. And Russia knows that for all the talk the Arab countries always turn to America when they want something.

The only thing Russia can do in the middle east is sell weapons to those who can't buy American weapons. (With all things being equal, everyone prefers American arms because the American stuff wins.) And for that to happen, Israel must exist and have enemies. Those enemies are then the customers. That's not even a problem for Israel because the Arab generals are still idiots, even with Russian weapons.