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Published on June 7, 2009 By Leauki In Ancient

I have been working on a tabular overview of the ancient history of the middle east from Egypt to Iran.

The current state of affairs can be seen on this graphic here: http://www.netneurotic.net/Historic/Historic.png

I am planning to include the following regions:

1. Egypt

2. Canaan

2a. Israel

2b. Lebanon

3. Ugarith

4. Aram Damascus (Syria)

6. Aram Naharain (Assyria, northern Iraq)

7. Sumer (Babylon, southern Iraq)

8. Arabia

9. Iran

So far only Egypt is done (but lacking detail, especially in CE) and Israel is half done. I'll continue when I can and will update the image at random moments.

See the comments for updates.




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