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Published on April 13, 2009 By Leauki In Republican

In fact, according to this, when Republicans tried to regulate Fannie and Freddie, and Democrats saved them, Obama wasn't even involved.


So it wasn't Obama's fault, just his fellow Democrats'. He wasn't even interested enough.


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on Jun 18, 2009

Obama may not have directly caused this crisis ... but he sure is doing his level best to make the fallout as devastating as is humanly possible for the rank and file. Instead of pointing your government educated fingers at what was … you should be concerning yourself with what is and if a couple thousand years of historically failed policies means anything … what is coming down the pike. To quote Barack Hussain Obama... "you ain't seen nothing yet"!

on Jun 19, 2009

ouple thousand years of historically failed policies


Couple thousand? Suddenly I'm wondering where I left roughly 1800 years of American history.

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