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As we all know, George Bush was a terrible diplomat. Everybody in the world hated him, especially the most racist and sexist governments and violent people always opposed his state visits. Obiouvsly a man hated by racists, sexists and violent people cannot have been a good President.

Of course, they loved him in Africa and Albania and the US had the best possible ties with the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and eastern Europe (except Russia):



But obviously Obama has a lot to repair. So far he has managed to insult the British Prime Minister, America's most important ally. That's certainly an improvement. Who needs the fecking British anyway?

For the Iraqi government, Obama's message was equally simple: "You shouldn't exist and your president should have been executed by Saddam because he is a Kurd" has been Obama's message to the Iraqi government. This certainly improves relations with Arab fascists who still cannot accept the fact that Kurds now have a voice (and are allowed to be alive).

George Bush was celebrated in Tanzania and Albania, two, let's face it, completely unimportant countries. He increased aid to Africa, a cause which, let's be honest, is simply not as important as good ties with France and Russia.

I expect Tanzania to celebrate Obama as well, should he ever visit the country. But they will celebrate him because he is a black US president, NOT because of what he did. George Bush was celebrated for his actions, not his race. And in contrast to American blacks, Tanzanians are even related to Obama's black ancestors. But black is black and all blacks are the same. That's the message we must now concentrate on. Differentiating between west-Africans who were imported as slaves to America and east-Africans of a different language family and different cultures as if they were the equivalent of white nations is not something to dwell on. Diversity must be celebrated, not acknowledged. And all blacks are the same.

I'm not sure if Albanians will love Obama as much as they loved George Bush and Bill Clinton. I don't see them naming streets after Barack Obama yet. What can Obama do to improve ties with Albania? He has to, he said he would fix the failed diplomacy of George Bush's.

When Obama visited Europe, he was celebrated; celebrated by people for whom he has done nothing and to whom Bush had done nothing. Those in Europe who condemned Bush and celebrate Obama are disconnected from both, have suffered nothing from the one nor received anything from other. They are obviously important allies whith whom the US must have good relations, even if some of do burn down commercial hotels in protest of violence and government help for struggling corporations.

George Bush also wasted valuable energy on ending civil wars in Liberia and southern Sudan. Another two back nations of no importance who regard him as a hero. But this simply has no value in real life. George Bush was a romantic, an idiot; Obama is closer to the fact, Obama knows that good ties with some black slave tribe in Sudan won't help the US and was rightfully voted into office by an American public who seek desperately to fix the USA' relations with the world, with the important part of the world. Nobody cares about slaves.

I predict that Obama will improve diplomatic relations with totalitarian regimes. That is important. We have to have good relations with mass murderers. How else will they learn?

But the unimportant issues, the weak nations, those who have no voice and simply aren't valuable allies, the minorities, the slaves, what will Obama do for them? And why should he do anything? What's in it for him when it cost George Bush so dearly?

Whoever finds sarcasm may keep it.



on Apr 07, 2009

Any idea how cancelling the missile defence plans in Poland will dramatically improve relations with former Soviet-controlled countries in Europe? They risked a lot by openly siding with the US and Obama's improvement of America's diplomacy will cost them dearly.