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Published on December 26, 2008 By Leauki In Europe

I have updated the Daily Extrablatt.




The Daily Extrablatt

What if the press of today had existed back then



on Dec 26, 2008

Everything reported in the Extrablatt is real. I just changed the tone of the descriptions to match today's journalistic ethics. (Cannot just call someone a Nazi, can we?)

The word "settler" means "Jew", obviously. "Settler" is more politically correct. In the real 1944, both sides of the conflict had the decency to call a Jew a Jew.

All the quotes in the Extrablatt are real. Some are from the 1940s (I left those unchanged). Some are from 2003 (I changed the names in those).

I have no respect for professional journalists at all. The vast majority of them make money with other people's misery while contributing to the misery by lying and provoking people.

How many people were killed in Israel because some journalist happily reported that a massacre happened in Jenin a week before even the UN found out that nothing had happened? How many journalists made lots of money by selling pictures taken of terrorist rocket launchers instead of calling the police when they were observing a crime in the making? How many journalists have ever apologised for the violence and chaos caused by their lies?

Think lawyers are the scum among professionals? Think again.

Few lawyers have that much blood on their hands.