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Published on October 20, 2008 By Leauki In Strategy


Can anybody recommend any turn-based strategy games? Mostly when I find a "strategy" game it really turns out to be city-building or tactics ("real-time strategy"). I am looking for something like Civilisation, Colonisation, or Alpha Centauri.

I tried Civilisation 4, but it is horribly over-graphiced and required the DVD to be in the drive. Also, it only runs in fullscreen mode. I want something I can play in a window while watching DVDs or listening to podcasts for a few hours.

Does TotalGaming.Net have something good?

I prefer land-water games over space games and want an economy not just building armies. Colonisation was the perfect game in that regard. Alpha Centauri was really good. RTS element for battles is fine.

Any recommendations?


System requirements:

Either Mac, PowerPC (Carbon/Cocoa) or Intel, pretty much any graphics

Or Windows XP/Vista, with non-serious DirectX requirements (i.e. not the best and newest)


Cost requirements:

Should have demo version.

Can cost any amount of money. I would pay 500 quid for a new game of the kind of Alpha Centauri, I really would.



on Oct 20, 2008


on Oct 26, 2008

i would also like hearing of one

on Nov 10, 2008

The "windowed" requirement kind of narrows the field, but Armageddon Empires comes to mind.


The interface isn't completely intuitive, so you'll want to spend some time in the documentation and/or forums, and the economy is pretty simplistic, focusing more on the military strategy, but it's still a pretty worthy TBS game.  It has a demo, is land-based, can be run in a window, etc.

on Nov 10, 2008

Looks good. Will download it later this week.

It even has a Mac version!

Thanks for the tip.