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A Longish Tale - Part 2
Published on October 2, 2008 By Leauki In Fun destinations

So I started in Berlin with some 2000 Dollars. But I needed more.

I took a plane to Vienna, where I spent only one day. My guide was a former room mate of mine who happens to live in Austria’s capital now.

Vienna is the most beautiful city. And it is quite visible that it is one of the few cities that once ruled the world (specifically during the 16th century when the Holy Roman Emperor was also King of Spain).


And there is even a historical “Judenviertel” (Jewish quarter).

Restaurant “Alef Alef” is kosher, I am sure.


The next morning I left Vienna and after a four-hour flight and some driving, I arrived at my destination.


This is where they don’t accept credit cards, only cash.

To be continued...



on Nov 10, 2008


on Nov 10, 2008

I guess that was post Charlemagne.

I did not realize that was the seat of the HRE at one time.  It is fortunate that the war passed them by for the most part.