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The first blog entry with President Obama jokes!
Published on June 10, 2008 By Leauki In Democrat

Is it too early for President Obama jokes?


President Obama wants to appoint a new middle east expert.

The first candidate knew the middle east well, spoke Arabic and Hebrew, and has lived in the middle east for decades, but he wasn't a Democrat.

The second candidate was a Democrat, but didn't know the middle east well and spoke neither Arabic nor Hebrew.

The third candidate was a Democrat and knew the middle east well, spoke Arabic and Hebrew, and has lived in the middle east for decades, in fact he was born there. But he was a Jew.


In Obama's America, television watches YOU!


Remember the day when there was this long blackout in Washington? President Obama was stuck on the escalator in the mall for hours!


White House Press Secretary announcement:

Yesterday President Obama stated in a speech that he supports Israel's right to an undivided Jerusalem. That statement is generally correct. However, the President wishes to clarify the statement further. First, he doesn't believe that Jerusalem must remain undivided but believes that the city can be divided. Second, it's not Israel's right he was referring to but some other country's. And third, the President was not talking about Jerusalem, Israel, but about Helena, Montana.


Question on Obama's Web site:

During George W. Bush's reign protesters often demonstrated against American foreign policy in Washington. Can dissidents still do that under President Obama?

Obama's Web site answers:

Yes. Under President Obama dissidents will still be able to demonstrate against the foreign policy of George W. Bush.


President Obama discusses American support for the survival of middle-eastern Jews with the Israeli prime minister. Points out the President:

"Well, this is not easy. We have to take so many things into account. On the one hand, Israel is our only reliable ally in the middle east. But on the other hand we have also to take into account that the Arabs still scream for the death of the Jews. And on the one hand Israel supports American foreign policy. But on the other hand Israel is the only real democracy in the region. And on the one hand we are trying to keep Russia's influence in the middle east to a minimum. But on the other hand, I must admit, Israel is the only country firmly opposed to Russia's foreign policies in the middle east. I just don't know what to do."

And finally: 7.

After four years of Obama, Israel is again under attack by Egypt and Syria. After a violent war that costs tens of thousands of lives, a ceasefire agreement is finally proposed and accepted by the parties involved. The economy of the middle east stabilises again and even tourism is rising back to prewar levels.

Millions of tourists want to see Israel, the land of pyramids.

on Jun 10, 2008

Just wanted to be the first.

on Jun 10, 2008
I noticed that during the clinton administration, there were a bunch of great jokes going around the Internet that were new and fresh! Then after bush was elected, they were changed to reflect him. Some of these I recognize as retreads (still great especially in light of the second perfect jew), but I suspect that whoever is Pres #44, these same ones (or slightly different) will be making the rounds.

So you are the first! And a bunch of great ones too! Now we need someone (who has originality - unlike me who lacks it ) to come up with some John McCain ones - just in case.

After all, Big Brown was a shoe in for the Triple crown! Until he did not win it.
on Jun 17, 2008

the first one was definetly the best

on Jun 17, 2008
As an Obama supporter, even I think those are pretty funny  
on Aug 16, 2008

obama preaches reform of healthcare, he seeks to weaken the power of lobbyists (legal bribery of political officials), etc etc... He would be the perfect president if he kept to those promises... except... the one thing that scares the shit out of me is that I heard him say on an interview that he beleives the Iran nuclear situation should be resolved diplomatically.