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Published on January 28, 2008 By Leauki In International
Every morning I check one German news site, n-tv.de, the German version of CNN.

I do so for two reasons. One is that I do want to know what is going on in the country where my parents live. The other is that n-tv is less anti-American than most English news sites.

They also have Ulrich Sahm, one of the few European journalists who actually knows something about Israel other than what the Nazis and later the PLO said about Jews and who actually lives in Jerusalem.

But when it comes to American politics, n-tv.de is fairly normal: they celebrate Obama (although have never pointed to a single thing he actually did), they do not mention Ron Paul, they do not mention anything that would imply that George W. Bush is not an ally of white supremacist neo-Nazi racists, and they certainly do not cover any Republican candidates to nearly the same extent they cover Hillary and Obama. The only one they covered was Huckabee, presumably because he is the "ideal" Republican candidate for sophisticated Europeans who cannot imagine a Republican who is not a Christian fundamentalist.

Either way, this morning I was in for a surprise:



TWO pro-Bush articles appeared. Not just articles that didn't show George Bush pictures on which he looks particularly funny, not just articles that do not blame George Bush for something unrelated to him or his presidency, not just articles that do not blame George Bush for global warming*.

The first article states simply that German economists believe that George Bush's policies will probably prevent an American and thus world-wide recession and that the effects can already be seen.

But the second article is even more interesting. It's a summary of what the FBI said Saddam Hussein told them. It does mention that SH didn't like Osama bin Laden and saw him as a danger to both the west and his own regime. Fair enough, nobody claimed that it was that specific terrorist SH had ties to.

And it mentions that Saddam said that Iraq did shut down its weapons programs but pretended that it still had WMDs to keep the Iranians at bay. He also said that he planned to restart the WMD programs at a later time.

Imagine that. SH made it up. The world believed it. George Bush lied about it**.

The article goes on to say that SH didn't believe that the USA would invade, he was expecting a Clinton-style bombing. The gas attacks against the Kurds were also Saddam's idea, it said, and when confronted with the pictures (presumably those) he said that it was "necessary". Kurdish children were presumably a danger to the state.

Said Saddam about bin Laden: "You cannot really trust a fanatic."

Smart man, that man.

It turns out Saddam Hussein was a smart man who knew about the danger that is Iran.***

*I am not kidding. All articles about global warming mention in BOLD PRINT that the USA didn't sign Kyoto, as if the greenhouse effect was caused by too much ink in pens.

**Yes, I know it doesn't make sense. If SH made it up and the world believed it, why would it be a lie if George Bush also makes such a claim. He is not much smarter than the French secret service, is he? How would he know that everybody was wrong?

***Yes, OF COURSE Iran is a danger only in the eyes of racist neo-cons and evil-minded Zionists. (I included this calm down liberals.)

on Jan 28, 2008
So did I miss something? What exactly caused this dramatic change in the German media?

I will have to check whether it will continue like that.

The Socialists just won seats in two west-German parliaments for the first time. Maybe German journalists are beginning to fear communism?

(Those people are dangerous. Their voters in the east also vote for neo-Nazi parties. The platforms of the socialist and nationalist parties overlap.)
on Jan 28, 2008

Maybe they recognize something that the democrats in the states still do not.

George Bush is not running for president.

on Jan 28, 2008
George Bush is not running for president.

Indeed, of course. But that didn't stop them one week ago.
on Feb 18, 2008
And again... An article on n-tv.de titled "Africa loves George Bush". WWW Link What's with the German media lately? They even showed pictures of American flags in Kosovo. (Edit: Why does JoeUser replace the text with "WWW Link"???)
on Feb 18, 2008
And again...

An article on n-tv.de titled "Africa loves George Bush".

What's with the German media lately? They even showed pictures of American flags in Kosovo.
on Feb 18, 2008
Totally messed up... couldn't edit comment #4 and JoeUser changed the link title to "WWW Link". I gave up.

And now I cannot remove comment #4.