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Published on January 14, 2008 By Leauki In Europe
A Finish (?) blog showed an interesting map a few months ago.

I found it on on the Strange Maps site.

It's well done, but I thought I want to add a few points.

  • 1. Morocco and Algeria would for several decades fight their Vichy France overlords and, assuming Vichy France would remain a ruthless regime with German support, the rebellion would be fought violently.
  • 2. Libyia would remain an Italian colony. (Why is Italy two countries?)
  • 3. The British would have lost Egypt to local nationalists. Nasser would have taken over earlier and Egypt would never have fought Israel and lost.
  • 4. Turkey would remain an independent country under heavy German influences.
  • 5. Israel would not exist. Instead, in Palestine the Grand Mufti and his Syrian allies would have won, exterminated all the Jews and integrated Israel into greater Syria.
  • 6. Lebanon would be part of greater Syria.
  • 7. Syria would be bigger and ruled by the same people as now. Syria and Egypt would probably still be the United Arab Republic.
  • 8. Jordan would be a part of Syria because the Israeli air force would not have existed to stop the Syrian invasion in 1970.
  • 9. Iraq would be ruled by a pro-German Arab nationalist group, like before the 2003 invasion (which would not have happened either).
  • 10. Saudi Arabia might have capitulated to the United Arab Republic.
  • 11. Kuwait would be part of Iraq.
  • 12. Iraq would have joined the United Arab Republic (and the three stars on its flag would have fulfilled their destiny).

on Jan 14, 2008
Syria is a special case, because it is actually the sole survivor of the old Nazi states.
on Jan 14, 2008
13.   Germans would control the media.   (ba-dum-dum)
on Jan 14, 2008

ONe slight correction to the author of the maps.  The Mason-dixon is no the delineation of the south and the north in the US.  Close, but no cigar.

But interesting mental game.  I have never seen what Germany would have done, except in Star Trek Episodes (or was that Star Gate?)

on Jan 14, 2008
Y'all would be speaking German right now.

Actually, it's an interesting question. With the benefit of the 20/20 vision provided by hindsight, here's what Hitler should have done. Bearing in mind the cultural affinity of the peoples of northern and western Europe, who are all descended from the migratory peoples who eventually overthrew Rome, the Goths, Visigoths, and others, Britain should have done what Hitler expected it to do - ally itself with him against the French and the Bolsheviks.

Working together, the two could easily have developed an alliance that would have had the entirety of the European continent 'sewn up'. The attack against the Soviet Union should have been delayed even longer than it was, until the whole of the remainder of Europe had been secured, and it should only have been prosecuted after the fullest preparation for the Russian Winter had been made.

There should have been no declaration of War against America until after the Russian Behemoth had been utterly defeated - and every effort should have been made to keep America out of the War for as long as possible - because America at that time was the single greatest economic power in the world.

But if fleas could unite they could kill elephants.

Had Hitler done these simple things, the world would be a very different place. Neither better nor worse, but chronically different.
on Jan 15, 2008

Had Hitler done these simple things, the world would be a very different place. Neither better nor worse, but chronically different.

Are you kidding?

Y'all would be speaking German right now.

I do.
on Jan 22, 2008
The Nazis had already lost the war by 1944. Like the Japanese they thought they were formidable but refused to accept that their cause was lost. The Americans, British and Russian machine had to continue with the war to crush them completely. The Reich could never have won.
on Jan 22, 2008
The Nazis had already lost the war by 1944.

With their V2s and heavy water experiments, I for one would not like to test that statement. We never "crushed" the japanese, and did not have rockets. But a couple of A-Bombs made them cry uncle very fast. I shudder to think if Hitler had gotten them first, how the world would look today.