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Published on July 21, 2010 By Leauki In War on Terror

Mubarak, who has seven brothers and sisters, has never set foot outside the village where he was born into a family which was inherited as slaves by their local master.

Sheikh Mohammed Badawi's father had bought Mubarak's parents 50 years ago, shortly before Yemen's 1962 revolution which abolished slavery. Mubarak has known no other life except that of a slave.


Isn't it great how excellent human rights are respected in the Arab empire? We will have to support them against the evil imperialists in Israel who still think they ought to rule themselves rather than be ruled by an Arab regime.


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on Jul 27, 2010

Nitro Cruiser

DG, on a business trip last year to Japan, I was required by my employer to take human trafficking awareness, prior to the trip. They wanted to be sure one could recognize it and stay away. If caught in an establishment during a raid where someone is being forced to work, one is guilty of contributing to it, even if they say they were unaware. Apparently it is a big problem there, so you can imagine how it is in less industrialized countries, especially in the sex business.

That I fully understand.  I also understand (I am not a liberal after all, so I am not myopic) that some exists in this very country.  But it is not LEGAL.  Yes, it is more prevalent in less developed countries due to graft and corruption, but again it is mostly not legal.  That was and is my point.  Jaycee Dugard is an example of a slave right here in America. 

There are evil people, but knowing that murders will occur does not mean that the society condones them.

on Aug 04, 2010

Thanks for the clarification and the confirmation.

This has little to do with slavery but it fits the linguistics. As I said in Arabic the word "abd" ("slave") is often used to refer to black Africans. It works the other way around with the kurds. I hear that Arabs often use the word "kurd" to mean "moron". This is explained well here:


I find it interesting how this mirrors world opinion and "international law" which also agree with the idea that black Africans ruled by Arabs and the Kurds can be treated like rubbish and have no inherent right to freedom.

At least I don't remember the UN ever call for decolonisation of western and southern Sudan or perhaps an end to Arab and Turkish attacks on Kurdistan.

It seems like Arabs have a right to be independent and free (and to lots of money if for some reason they aren't) while morons and slaves do not have such a right, in fact do not even have the right not to be murdered and enslaved by their masters.


on Aug 04, 2010

It works the other way around with the kurds. I hear that Arabs often use the word "kurd" to mean "moron".

I can see where we have cultural differences.  In this country, we use the term liberal to mean moron.

So where have you been hiding?  I hope all is well.

on Aug 04, 2010

I can see where we have cultural differences.  In this country, we use the term liberal to mean moron.

There is a significant difference between referring to a group as morons based on their opinions and referring to a group as morong based on their ethnicity.

It's the same difference as between antisemitism and islamophobia. One is hatred for a particular ethnic group, regardless of their actions, the other is hatred (in extreme cases) of people following a certain ideology, regardless of their ethnicity. The latter is justified if the ideology is indeed fearsome (or could be mmisundertood as such by its followers).

Hatred for an ethnic group, like calling using the word "Kurd" to mean "moron" or the word "slave" to describe a black African is always wrong, just like antisemitism is.

But a negative opinion of an ideology can be right if the ideology is hateful itself.

Antizionists can claim that they don't hate Jews but only Zionists. But then they would have to explain what they really dislike about Zionism other than that it is a Jewish philosophy. What's so evil about buying land and living on it and fighting back when attacked? Other people do it all the time and nobody doubts their right to live on land they bought and defend themselves.

I support Zionism and dislike Arab nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism. I dislike Arab nationalism because of what it does to Jews, Kurds, "slaves" and other non-Arab or non-Islamic groups. And I love Zionism because it doesn't do any of these things to anyone, legends about a "Palestinian holocaust" notwithstanding, and because it treats its enemies better than Arab nationalists treats its friends.


So where have you been hiding?  I hope all is well.


I haven't been well in a long time.

When people ask me here I tell them I am miserable but that it's getting better: "I'm hoping to be sad next month."


on Aug 04, 2010

Sorry about your dog.  I know how that is. I lost mine several years ago and it was very hard.  Good luck in your healing.

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